afterFind user not found when the query done by live query

Parse.Cloud.afterFind("ChatRoom",async (req)=>{
    return Promise.all( (room)=> {
        if(req.user != null) {


if I do a normal query the user is not equal null, but if it’s fire by live query the user is equal null

Can you clarify what does query by live query means?

i want to get the user who diid the query , if i did normal query request i can get the user ,
but if the query done using live-query the user was null

Do you mean the user that is listening to the query?

Yes, I can’t get this user,
also i’m make sure that session token sent by the SDK , i used Parse flutter SDK

I am afraid it will not be possible. I think that, when a user subscribes to a query, Parse Server does not actually executes the query. Can you give more details of what you want to accomplish? Maybe we can suggest different ways.