Android phone notification to arduino


I want to create an app that can read the notification from the phone itself and send it to arduino via bluetooth.
But my biggest question is that I dont know how to make the app read the notification from apps like whatsapp, facebook and twitter?

Any idea guys because I have no idea on the android system api reference.


This seems like a question for stack overflow rather than the Parse community forum.

Once you have found out how to intercept notifications (although I’m not sure if this is possible as it would be a potentially huge privacy risk - not that google necessarily cares about that) then you can use the Parse Android SDK to send the data to your server.


I have seen an app in google play names “Notiduino”. It let users choose any app they wanted. And the notification of the app that users choose will be transmitted to the arduino. So i dont think its related to servers?


Well it’s up to you how you implement it - I was mentioning a parse server as that’s the only way that I can see this being relevant on the parse forum.

Perhaps contact the maker of this app and ask them how they intercept the notifications? Or ask a question on stack overflow.


If you do have a question related to the parse Platform then please share and I would be happy to take a look.