Can I install parse on hosting like pantheon or

I saw the installation page, but I still am not sure whether I can install it on a hosting such as or pantheon. Actually I am looking for a free open source push notification system which I can install on a php, mysql, apache hosting.

If I try to explain the type of hosting I am talking about, I would give you an example of Drupal or Wordpress CMS. Both can be installed easily. This is what I am looking for. An easy to install notification system. I will be using it with drupal 7.

There are tutorials available to integrate 3rd party api using REST in drupal. So once I installed a push notification server or some kind of message send/receive system like gotify, It should not be a problem integrating it with drupal 7 using REST api.

Hope you understood what I am trying to ask

Seeing that both and have monthly fees ($10 and $30 per month)… I would suggest you use - their Parse plans start from $4.95 per month.

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Thank you for the link, but you did not answer my question

Parse Server is built on top of Node.js framework and run either using a MongoDB database or Postgres database. So you can’t run Parse server on a hosting that only supports php and mysql. I took a look in these two platforms that you asked about and it seems that supports Node.js (they don’t mention anything about MongoDB or Postgres) so you’d be able to run at least the application server there. Pantheon does not look a good fit for Parse Server. You can also see a list of community well known options in this link here: