Can ParseServer run with local database on server?


In this tutorial we set database uri like this:

mongodb://parse:[email protected]:118701/parse-server-test

Do I have to rent another server for database? For example I rented a virtual computer, I installed my parse server to that computer and that virtual computer has 20GB storage. Can I use that storage for mongo database or do I have to rent another server from for example mlab?


Yes, parse and the database can run on the same machine.

This is how I do development on my local laptop and you could do it on production class hardware too.

If you have some traffic and high availability becomes important, then putting the db and parse-server on different machine will make sense for various reasons, but there is no technical reason they can’t live on the same physical (or virtual) hardware.

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But what if only one computer with two computer combined?

For example;
1 computer(1GB ram and 1 cpu) for parse and 1 computer (1GB ram and 1 cpu) for mongodb? or one computer(2GB ram and 2 cpu) for both? Should i still go with seperate computers?


there are many considerations in how to setup: cost, ease, availability, performance. Changing hardware should be easy in this modern day of cloud computing, so just pick something and get started.

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