Cloud Code function keeps looping and creating multiple objects

I have written a function to pass on each user and set a business Object. However, the function never stops and keep on creating object multiple time for the same users.

Here’s the function in question :

Parse.Cloud.define(‘setBusinessForUsers’, async function(req,res){

var userQuery = new Parse.Query('_User');
const Business = Parse.Object.extend("Business");
    var results = await userQuery.find();
    for(var i=0; i < results.length; i++){
        var currentUser = results[i];
        var firstName = currentUser.get("firstName");
        var lastName = currentUser.get("lastName");
        var fullName = firstName + " " + lastName;

        var business = new Business();

        business = await;

        var savedUser = await,{useMasterKey: true});
    return "Done";
    throw new Error(e);


Can’t see anything obviously wrong with it.

How are you calling it? It may be that it’s taking a long time and the client is trying the call again because it thinks the function hasn’t returned / timed out.

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Yea this could be a request timeout since I reduced the limit to 100 and it worked.
I’m calling it from my android device with no call backs

HashMap<String,Object> params = new HashMap<>();

Any idea how to get it working with one call ( Instead of calling it multiple times)

If you don’t care about the result anyway you could simply return immediately after spawning the real work asynchronously. Something like

Parse.Cloud.define('setBusinessForUsers', async (req) => {
  setBusinessForUsers(req) // no await here!
  return 'Done'

async function setBusinessForUsers(req) {
  // your business code goes here

Now in the app you will immediately receive the success message, however you will not be able to find out if the business logic succeeded or failed. I wouldn’t suggest this approach in general but in your case (ignoring the result anyway) it’s okay-ish.