Complex query problem about flutter_parse_sdk

I am using flutter_parse_sdk’s complex query to prompt that startsWith and greaterThan do not exist.

The official source code is like this

var queryBuilder = QueryBuilder<DietPlan>(DietPlan())
..startsWith(DietPlan.keyName, "Keto")
..greaterThan(DietPlan.keyFat, 64)
..lessThan(DietPlan.keyFat, 66)
..equals(DietPlan.keyCarbs, 5);

But it’s strange that I can’t use the previous method names. Do I need to customize them.
This is the first time I use parse_server_sdk, please forgive me

You should open an issue and possible a PR on that repo. The community will be more than welcome to help you you.

That’s OK. Thank you !