Could _PushStatus and _JobStatus be optional?


I am implementing a job which is invoked every minute and does one or two pushes to clients fulfilling some specific conditions. Often it’s 0 recipients, but it needs to be run every minute.

The thing is, that it will create about 134,000 _PushStatus and _JobStatus objects in the database per month - and also puts unnecessary load on the server.

It would be nice if we could set some optional parameter to Parse.Push.send() to disable creation of the _PushStatus object. I am not sure if there could also be a way to disable creation of _JobStatus for specific jobs.

What do you think?


have you read about ttl indexes that ensure objects gets destroyed automatically after a given period of time? You could keep the push status for 1 week, which let you investigate if there was a problem.

I don’t believe writing 100k per month is a huge strain on any database.

Another thing I wish to point out, is that both those classes are at the core of those features, if you do not want those objects created, you can always run a job through another mechanism, and send push by loading the installations from a query and use node-apn (or any other module) directly.