Create users without signup

Currently, I create users with signUp.
But, there is any way that I can create users without it? I don’t want to use signUp.
For example, a create function that only saves users and waits for their email verifications?


Why the signup method is not the right solution for your use case ? :wink:

Thanks for your reply.
Our idea is to only save(create) the users, not login to it after signup.
Of course, it’s signup nature.
But we’re looking for another way to create users but not with signUp method (:
Is there any way for that?

Best of luck.

Your user creation is done on the backend or frontend ?

If it’s on the frontend and you only want to send an email, for email verification, you have a special property on the parse server config, that allow this behavior: verifyUserEmails : true
Users can’t login without validating their emails and sign up will not auto login the user.

Our user creation is on front-end.
I will test your solution.
Thank you.

After gaining some experience in Parse, I find out that I can create users without SignUp method!
It’s done with save method.
After setting the user’s data, instead of calling SignUp, I called save.

example code:

const user = new Parse.User();

user.set("username", username.value);
user.set("email", email.value);
user.set("password", password.value);{ useMasterKey: true }).then(() => {
    // user saved!
.catch(e => console.log("error", e));
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