Creating a roadmap


I think a clearer roadmap with ways to contribute and information about the platforms objective would be a good idea. I usually like to take inspiration from Gitlabs Handbook when organising open source projects: - I think a clear roadmap with regular releases would instil confidence in the platform to continue the development for years to come.

It does seem like most of the responsibility has fallen to @flovilmart for the last 3+ years, and that burden needs to be shared.

Open Collective budget / finding new contributors / strategy
Open Collective budget / finding new contributors / strategy

Sounds like a good plan, I think it would be a good idea to have a road map on the parse platform website because what with all the different repos in the project I think it would make sense to have a centralised source so its easy to find etc.

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This is a great idea. Giving a roadmap gives some focus and confidence to those looking to use the platform. I see the setup of testing and I’m personally put off as I think it’s above my skillset - given direction and friendly support I would be one of those who would certainly invest some time in driving things forwards!


Right let’s aim for a directions page

We need to group the tasks into milestones, does GitHub do milestones?
Then somehow need to pull this into a static page. I’m not too verse in GitHub as I’m a gitlabber, But I can try to take a look…



does GitHub do milestones?

Yep, you can create version milestones and then assign issues and pull requests to them, e.g. milestones for parse server.


Great - so lets set up. Presuming we have monthly releases…

3-6 Months
6-12 Months

Depending on the timeframe you want to make releases, we can modify this. Can you cross link issues? So we get the SDK issues pulled in?



At the end of each release - we create a new milestone and pick issues from the 3-6 month list. When that list is dwindling - we promote the 6-12 months issues and so on.

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For anyone helping with this it may be worth checking out the old roadmaps created by @dplewis:


I would like to point out that Stalebot closed out a bunch of PRs.

If anyone is interested review, rebase or give them a good spit shine.