Decorating / extending PFLoginView(Controller)

Hey there

I’ve been trying to add an intro screen with a paging interaction to my app (something like what’s described here Since it’s viewed as a best practice to have your intro screen on the same screen as your login button, I’ve been trying to decorate PFLoginView(Controller) with my own content. This has proven challenging so far, so I was wondering if anybody has had luck doing this, and how they went about it.

I don’t get the feeling these components were built to be messed with / decorated, but maybe I’m missing something.

Would love to hear from any of you about it, because I fear I may have to reimplement the same functionality to get the kind of result I’m looking for.

Hello @drdaz! It is great to see that you’re trying to follow best practices! I wish everybody did that…
So, about using PFLoginViewController and also for PFSignUpViewController, what you can do and will help your design is creating a Container View Controller, which is multiple view controllers into a single user interface.

More about that here:

Hope that helps :wink:

Thanks for your response!

I’m not sure that helps though; I think you’re suggesting putting multiple PFLoginControllers inside a Container View Controller, and scrolling through these this way? Do correct me if I’ve misunderstood.

What I’m looking to achieve is to have the login buttons static on the page, while being able to scroll the intro content behind.

Aside from this, the PFLoginViewController’s controls present on iPad in a way that doesn’t really fit with this type of design - the whole thing appears in the middle of the screen.

Hey @drdaz! Well, you can have a UIScrollView on the back and a UIView overlaying it with the contents of the PFLoginController. You’d be able to scroll the UIScrollView while the UIView with the PFLoginController would be static “floating” over it.

@alexvenom But PFLoginView steals user interaction :slight_smile:

And if you make isUserInteractionEnabled false, the buttons don’t work.

You could try to insert a UIScrollView like in this article:

where he inserted a ImageView. Perhaps that works.