Filter in Java(Android) with ParseQuery field type Pointer

Hi guys, how would I do this query, since this field (product) is of the pointer type, which references another table (group)

    ParseQuery<ParseObject> queryProdutos = ParseQuery.getQuery("products");
    queryProdutos.whereEqualTo("group", "a431g152aa1" );
    queryProdutos.findInBackground((objectGroup, e1) -> {
        for (ParseObject group: objectGroup) {
            Log.i("main", "return === " + group.getString("nome"));

In NodeJS I managed to solve doing it this way:

.equalTo("group", { __type: 'Pointer', className: 'groups', objectId: "xxxxx" })

but in Java (android) I can’t do it that way, I tried that way too:

queryProdutos.whereEqualTo("evento", new ParseObject("eventos").get(ParamsDao.getEventoId()));

it was an attempt but it didn’t work.

Try: queryProdutos.whereEqualTo("group", ParseObject.createWithoutData("groups", "a431g152aa1") );

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