Graphql mutation field acl

hi everyone, how can i create a mutation with a acl field?
in api mode i can pass this way: “ACL”: {
“*”: {
“read”: true
“QsPdmUSveF”: {
“read”: true,
“write”: true

but, how can i do this using graphql?

We are still working to improve the ACL in the GraphQL API. You can follow the thread here:

In the meantime, you can actually send it in the same format you use to send when using the REST API, but you need to send the ACL as a variable. In Apollo Client for JS it would be something like this:

const result = await apolloClient.mutate({
  mutation: gql`
    mutation CreateSomeObject($ACL: Object) {
      objects {
        createSomeObject(fields: { ACL: $ACL }) {
  variables: {
    ACL: {
      "*": {
        "read": true
      "QsPdmUSveF": {
        "read": true,
        "write": true