Having trouble using Parse in Eclipse IDE

I use the parse server in my android apps and they work great.

I am trying to copy over some functions that query my Parse DB over to eclipse from Android Studio. However, I am having trouble initializing Parse in eclipse:


I know there is probably a different way I’m supposed to be initializing but I haven’t found it anywhere after hours of searching. How do I properly initialize Parse in Eclipse?

Can you please make sure you did all steps in the Getting Started section of the link below?


Yes I have done all those steps. I am wondering if those steps apply to using Parse in the eclipse IDE. I get an error when I try doing step 2 (See screenshot). Do you know of any examples or tutorials of using Parse in eclipse or another IDE other than android studio?

Since you’ve completed step 1, it seems that Eclipse is not recognizing your gradle dependencies. Can you please try some of these suggestions?

I have a lot java code on my android app that I would like to run on a schedule in the cloud. The code checks my parse DB and sends a notification to devices with my app if conditions are met.

Do you have any suggestions for me about how I can achieve this?-

I think you should use Cloud Jobs (https://docs.parseplatform.org/cloudcode/guide/#cloud-jobs) to do this.