How can I generate columns/rows to my parse database from an excel or JSON file?

I have my parse database and dashboard running successfully but i need to add some data to it automatically from an excel/json archive of mine. How does one perform this action? Do i need to type some typescript code to automatically fetch data from file and send them to parse database ? Please help…

You can create a Cloud Function that will recieve the csv as a plain text (?) and treat internally these data internally or use a cloud web hook and sqlfy api to convert automatically csv to json…
Take a look and see if somehow this will help you and let me know if it worked or not! :slight_smile:

thank you august for your answer but im not trying to convert csv into anything, im trying to generate objects to my database using the information in my excel file or JSON file.

My friend once did this by writing a code and he inserted a button into my application tab. When you click that button it automatically uploaded json data to the parse database as objects. I need to find how does one do this, unfortunately that friend of mine is out of reach at the moment :slight_smile:

You can try something like this: