How to change dashboard password?


I want to change password to parse dashboard.


If I am not mistaken I have to change PARSE_DASHBOARD_USER_PASSWORD parameter but I do not understand how can I do it on my existed environment.

Thank you,


Looks like you’re using Heroku. Go to your server instance, then settings, then change the appropriate Config Var.


Hi Chris,
I do use Heroku but I do not have that config var (PARSE_DASHBOARD_USER_PASSWORD) in the list of the vars.
I have added the var but it hasn’t changed the password. I am still able to enter with the old one.


Maybe I have to “restart” the server instance?..


I read that “setting a config var causes your application to be restarted” but in my case the password was not changed.
What else can I try to do?


What does your index.js file look like, the one which initialises parse server?

It should look something like this: