How to change "signUpButton" string?


In the parse login screen, I would need to change the string of the “signUpButton” (to localize for different languages).

I could do this without problem for the “logInButton” as:

logInView!.logInButton!.setTitle(NSLocalizedString(“Log In”, comment: “”), for: .normal)

However, I cannot do the same for “Sign up” button even if I do the same as logInButton, like

logInView!.signUpButton!.setTitle(NSLocalizedString(“Sign Up”, comment: “”), for: .normal)

Do you know why this is the case, and also if there is a way to localize “Sign up” button as well?


Can you please take a look in this link here?

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Thanks a lot! Reading this link resolved the issue. :grin:

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