Https and wss cant connect to api

I’m back to square one on websockets/live queries trying to get a new parse server going with the latest bitnami ami on aws.

Https works but no matter what I do ws and wss won’t run at all.

I wish there were a standard guide on setting up live queries in apache.

After a few days of beating on this new server I’m at a loss. I think this is a much different issue than this one I had a year and a half ago so will create a new thread for it.

I started a new thread for this yesterday since it was obviously an issue bigger than just ssl and wss and just updated there as well. I would delete that other thread as it must have been an issue with the previous Bitnami AMI but it seems I can’t now.

FYI Bitnami released a new AMI with v5.4.3 that seems to work fine.

I should probably write up a step by step “how to” on configuring the Bitnami Parse AMI build with a load balancer and SSL as it could be a little intimidating I’m sure for someone not familiar with Apache or server-side config.