Installing on NON AWS .. Just a Virtual server

I have a virtual server provided by ramnode ( fairly cheap) how can I install this and the dashboard to run on that

I was getting an error

Can you provide more details about the OS you are using, how you are trying to deploy and what is the error you have?

Anyway I think the best way would be by using the project and deploying it as you’d do for any other Express.js app. This one here could be a good guide:

Thanks for that. I will try it. Do you know if the community example is multi tenant and multi app?

No it is not. You will need to run multiple instances of the community example (one for each app).

Damn… That’s a pain … Is there a way to automate the creation of the instance ?

What does this do : - section on Managing multiple apps?

You can easily add multiple instances to a single parse-dashboard and manage all of them in a single location, but you will need to launch a parse-server instance for each of them. You can create a script to automate the launching process. It really depends on your environment but I’d say it is not that hard to be done depending on the tools you decide to use.

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What is multi app server?

Parse server can be accessed by more than one app. My two different apps connected to same parse server. I also used parse server example and deployed it to heroku by deploy button.

So am I doing something wrong or are you talking about other kind of apps?

I’m talking about android apps.

But in this case they are sharing the same schema, data, keys and cloud code functions, right? In a multi-app/multi-tenant solution, each app would be isolated.