Introduce CodeBeat on PRs

Hi everybody,

I think, to speed up PR review and improve code quality on Parse, we can give a try to the free Codacy Bot.

  • Let’s try Codacy
  • We don’t need it
  • I don’t know

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I think it’s a good idea to try these things. Do you have personal experience with Codacy? seems like another popular code review service - I wonder how they compare?

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No personal experience.
And LGTM seems more robust and transparent in terms of analysis.
We can try LGTM

But on LGTM, their current analysis shows that we do not have many quality problems:

I’m not particularly focused on LGTM, just thought it might be worth comparing. We could try one on the parse-Server repo and the other on the js SDK and see how it goes.

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I suggest LGTM on JS SDK and Codacy on parse server :slight_smile:

I ran a Codacy analysis on my Parse Server fork, I’ll keep you informed.

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@dplewis @acinader any thoughts on this?

not really. I have no experience with either. I assume they do more than we get from codecov currently. would we turn that off in favor of one of these other two? Anyone have sample output from the last two or three prs?

After few tests with my Parse Server fork on Codacy/LGTM and CodeBeat.

Codacy: Not powerful on JS, only errors on Markdown files…
LGTM: Currently generate a majority of useless errors
CodeBeat: Powerful over JS, can add priority to code quality issues, the generated errors are useful, support badge for github.

CodeBeat seems to be the best solution!

Sounds good, let’s give Codebeat a try!

@Moumouls would you like to get this setup? You should be able to request that codebeat is added to the org and then one of the owners can approve it.