iOS/OSX How to run OCMock tests?

Apologies if this is the wrong place to post this, I cloned the iOS/OSX project but I couldn’t find out how to run the OCMock tests. I’ve never worked with OCMock, so any guidance would be appreciated. My end goal is to help the iOS/OSX SDK make the jump to Xcode 10.

Can you provide some details / a screenshot about the tests you are referring to?

I’m referring to the “Parse iOS/OSX SDK” project itself, NOT a project built on it. I guess I asked the wrong question, the better question would be how do I run all tests locally in Xcode or command line to see if a build is ready to be merged into the “Parse iOS/OSX SDK” master branch? Or can tests only be run by CI?

No problem!

You can run the tests in the command line with rake.

Install all dependencies:

git submodule update --init --recursive
gem install bundler
bundle install

Run the tests:

bundle exec rake test:ios

Check the Rakefile and the circleci config for more infos!

In Xcode, the static targets have tests attached to them, you can run with cmd+u

Thanks! That makes sense. I’m running into as issue on the “Xcode 10” branch
/Parse-SDK-iOS-OSX/Parse/Parse/Internal/ParseManager.m:12:9: ‘Bolts/BFExecutor.h’ file not found

#import <Bolts/BFExecutor.h>
any ideas? I see the “BFExecutor.h” in the Carthage file so I’m not sure why it isn’t compiling.

the Xcode10 branch is not working as it isn’t merged as there are a few issues with the new build system. The SDK is also looking for maintainers but at this time, no one stepped up to make Xcode 10 compatibility a reality.

I’ll do my best with the little time I have available to fix the Xcode10 branch. I think you already gave me write access to the repo. Also I just wanted to let you know how much parse helped me get started with iOS development. It’s hard enough to learn objective-C much less setup a backend as well. I couldn’t have done it without you guys. Thank you for all you’ve contributed to the project and for keeping it going for as long as you have. “flovilmart” has become synonymous with “parse-expert” (despite my uncertainty on how to actually say it… “flow-vil-mart” “Flaw-vil-mart”?). regardless, You will be missed!

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