Live Query with a "matchesQuery" and GeoPoint. Not Working

Hi guys. I’m having troubles with the following query:

Do you guys knows white I’m not receiving the created or enter event? If I remove the orderQuery.matchesQuery('shop', nearShopsQuery);, it works.

I think it should work. Can you write a test case and send a PR to Parse Server repo?

Anyway, I believe that you are probably receiving frequent updates on the Order class but not in the Shop class. So, for a better performance, I’d recommend you to retrieve all shops a single time and then pass the list of ids you got to the live query.

Hey @davimacedo (saudações Brasileiras :wink: ). I like your idea. Sounds like good practices with common SQL based databases, I totally forgot about it. I’ll try this way. Thank you and congrats for the Back4App company :slight_smile:

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I just made a test and it works pretty well. Thanks a lot @davimacedo :slight_smile:

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