LiveQuery support on Docker Image


Docker Image: parseplatform/parse-server: latest (updated on May 24, 2019, one after 3.4.0)

OS: Ubuntu 18.04

Is livequery available on the stock docker image?

I am not getting any error for subscribe.on call but I do not see subscribe callback invoked either.

The image was launched with the following command.
docker run --name my-parse-server --link my-mongo:mongo -p 1337:1337 -d parseplatform/parse-server --appId myAppId --masterKey myMasterKey --databaseURI mongodb://mongo/test

Do I need to set up any additional configuration to enable LiveQuery?

Thank you for any help.


Can you try to add --startLiveQueryServer and --verbose options and check your container logs to make sure that the Live Query server is running?