Local datastore reimplementation?


LDS in android sdk is very slow at first loading for a class with rows more than 500. I implemented the same database using Room which was super fast. I think LDS should be reimplemented


There have been many issues and multiple discussions about local datastore in both the Android SDK & iOS SDK repos.

There is no disputing that for a large number of objects LDS is very problematic the issue is that no one has been willing to work on this as yet.

One option would be creating an adapter to bridge the Parse SDK with Realm.


In my case Room setup was not that much difficult and so flexible in contrast to LDS. I like the platform original technologies like Room in android and core data for iOS. I’m thinking how we can automate this process like LDS because the sdk is easier than Room
btw I used FCM in afterSave and beforeDelete hooks to realtime sync data between server and Room. result was so good