Minimum AWS EC2 type?


Cross posting with the old slack… Does anyone have any specifications on memory needed to run parse-server? Deploying to AWS and wondering what the smallest size EC2 I can use for a very small app (just using it for an API endpoint)…

t2.micro works but gets cranky with 95% of memory in use. Wondering if 2GB memory on a t2.small or t3(a).small would be okay. Any suggestions?

Using EB with ALB if that matters any.


Parse Server was designed to run with 256mb but it can consume more RAM depending on the npm modules you have installed, the size of your schema and how you build your cloud code functions. A t2/t3.small instance should be fine to start an app but you may have to upgrade when your app start receiving more api calls/s. In my experience, a t2/t3.small should handle about 60 req/s but it really depends on your application and you will have to figure out doing some stress tests.

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I’m only seeing 5-10 request per minute so I don’t think I really need anything larger… it just comes down to a memory issue with npm.

Again… this is just running a small API… I could have probably done this whole thing without parse in Lamda but I kept the door open for future features.