Network and Local Datastore Queries are Slow


I am running into latency issues when querying parse objects for both network and local datastore calls. The strange part is these differences are not consistent across devices when running the same compiled code on both. To me, this rules out server side or anything with the network.

Here is the behavior I see on my Samsung S7:
When the phone is connected to a network (wifi or cellular) both the network query and the local datastore query can take up to 3-5 seconds to respond. I’m only getting like 30 or so ParseObjects. When I put my phone in airplane mode the query typically takes a second or less. I’m assuming this is because it is forcing it to use the local datastore and not do any network stuff.

Here is the behavoir I see on my Samsung s2 tablet:
No matter if I am connected to wifi or in airplane mode the query is relatively fast. Like 1.5s or less for the same code/query that takes 3-5x as long on my phone.

What is causing the lag on my phone? Its the same code, same wifi network. Why is there a difference with the same code on different devices? Is there anything I can do to address the issue?


LDS initial loading speed is low for a local data with for example 500 parseobjects which is a small dataset. I decided not to use LDS and used Room in android which is so much faster and more flexible than LDS. LDS should be revamped
You should check the network speed in both devices. older devices has a slower network connection compared to new devices. I have an app in production which is using by a range of devices from samsung s3 up to latest devices older ones are slow because of their slower data connection. also bigger parseobject schema slows query.
In one of my apps I’ve used FCM inside afterSave and beforeDelete cloud code hooks to sync database changes to device which was using Room to store data was received from FCM. this way data transfer is faster than querying from device