New Intro / Login flow for iOS?

Hi folks

A while ago I asked in here about how to decorate PFLoginView(Controller). Nothing viable really came out of that, and I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t going to be able to deliver the kind of intro experience I wanted for my new app. It needed, amongst other things, to be able to display some scrollable intro content about the app.

So I built my own intro flow against the iOS SDK, following a minimal design for what you might expect from a modern iOS app intro. I’m fairly pleased with the current result, even though it’s a first release. There’s a video of it in action here.

It also adapts quite well:

I figure I can’t be the only one with this kind of need. So I’m thinking about releasing this intro flow separately for Parse developers to use in their own projects. And that’s really what this post is about, gauging interest in such a thing.

Would anybody here want to use something like this?

Obviously there’s some work involved; it’s currently a part of my app, and would need packaging up with an API to allow for customisation. But if it would be useful to people, then I can try and find time to make it happen. Let me know.

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I’d definitely bookmark that repo. :smiley:

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