Open Collective budget / finding new contributors / strategy

In terms of SDK support, it sounds like there is a problem with managing to keep the SDKs updated. The majority of the focus is on the core server and the JS SDK. Having lots of SDKs to maintain can create a problem as it’s hard keeping them in sync with a) themselves, but b) the server core.

I’m not sure if it’s changed recently, but there was also a problem in a differing interface.

Would it make sense to push hard on getting the graphQL changes into the core, as this could eliminate the need for the SDKs as you could use an off the shelf client?

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I started to do roadmaps a while ago but there weren’t any takers. Maybe we should change the way we approach them. I can think of a dozen more features we could implement.

I had the idea of giving some of these away.

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Discussion on the creation of a road map has now been split into a separate topic.

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How much does the parse group pay for hosting? Are there any overheads, if so, probably best if the money was set aside to assist in this area. I noticed a mention that this forum costs some cash, is it recurring?

Swag is always good - Love the T-Shirt, When you contribute to Gitlab, they send you a link to a shop, meaning that they don’t give stuff away for free, but you can buy special contributors only merch.



These are the only costs that @flovilmart has submitted to the open collective but I’m not aware if there are or aren’t any other expenses. Any ideas @acinader?

@awgeorge & @TomWFox you can see both the contributions and the expenses here:

We have what we need to cover the expenses as they exist, but what could we do with the balance?

To provide an update on this, so far I’ve tried doing some Twitter and now Google Ads. It’s difficult to see how effective they are without a clear measure of conversion - it would be awesome to see a clicks to contributors rate :sweat_smile:

I have seen quite a large increase in clicks through to this forum since starting the Google Ads.

At some point I’d like to get some stickers printed, with the idea that people could ask for some to take and share at conferences etc…

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All the Youtubers seem to use - basically, upload the artwork, people purchase the item, parse gets the profit it set in the product setup. No harm in taking no profit if you want some knarly merch at good prices (probably).

Have you guys seen this: ?

The Ruby on Rails org has a similar weekly newsletter. It’s short and easy to read. Definitely keeps me updated and aware of activity.


yes, and I have applied. No word back from github yet.

For those interested @acinader has proposed a paid contributors program as a way to utilise the Open Collective budget. Everyone is welcome to vote on the proposal and express their opinions here.

I’m still interested in doing a newsletter, I think monthly might work better in our case. I think it could act as a nice way to summarise releases, big changes, security alerts and maybe highlight issues with help wanted.

On the other hand I don’t want to create too many channels, at the moment we have Twitter, the blog, this forum (although we don’t use it for announcements), GitHub. Do you think having a newsletter as well would be overkill?

For anyone who’s interested the paid contributors program is now live! Other suggestions for use of the open collective budget are still welcome of course.

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I’d buy a definitely t-shirt.

+1 for shirts, and stickers too ! I owe everything to parse-server and the wonderful community!

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Perhaps it would help to reply to these tweets suggesting the the platform is defunct - whereas in fact its alive and kicking:

I do reply to tweets like these (on the @ParsePlatofrm account) when I see them & others do as well.

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@dannywolfmx - Is Strapi similar to Parse?