Parse Installations and LocaleIdentifier?

What is local identifier. Does it return device language or user location?

This page says " The users locale. This field gets automatically populated by the SDK. Can be null (Parse Push uses default language in this case)." If I understand correctly Parse uses location first but ıf its not accesible(like gps is turned off) then parse uses device language? am I right?

Also I have one more question. Does Parse İnstallations re-create everytime app launched?
For example a user travelled to other country. Does that users local identifiers changes?

I use this code after initializing parse sdk


You can see how the local identifier is retrieved here. It basically uses the java.util.Locale.getDefault() method. Here you can find this lib’s docs.

About your second question, yes. All the device info is updated before saving the current installation, as you can see here.

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That’s all need. Thank you.