Parse Live Query, number connections

Hello, we using ParseLiveQuery,

I see that for each user connected, the server say:

info: Create new client: 10
info: Create new client: 11
info: Create new client: 12
info: Create new client: 13
info: Create new client: 14

My question is if have an limit for this number?

And Why when the client disconnect the number not return stay free?

What version of the Server are you running? ClientID should be uuid to prevent overflow.

You can have as many connections as your setup allows. You can scale up to handle more connections.

Hello @dplewis is the version 2.2.2.

Other thing that I see now, is that my server crashed and I get this info when server returned:

info: Client disconnect: NaN
2019-10-30T19:33:04.139967+00:00 app[web.1]: error: Can not find client NaN on disconnect

Please update to the latest version of Parse Server. Many improvements have been made to Live Query.

hmm, right @dplewis, This will take a little time as we will have to rewrite various parts of code in our server.

Would there be anything you would recommend doing now for these peaks that are occurring? And what would this NAN be?

If you want to increase performance of your live query server you can use the horizontal scaling system, with 2 (or more) parse server connected to the same redis DB, you can find instructions in documentation. :slightly_smiling_face:

We know where NaN (not a number) comes from in programming but how did you get it? You must have an incredible amount of users. Unfortunately we don’t support your version of parse. Sorry for the inconvenience