Parse Platform vs. Firebase


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To put my 2 cents in I think that Parse is much simpler and yet powerful compared to Firebase, for example:

  1. Local Development - With Parse you just change the Parse Server URL to localhost and you have local env :slight_smile: which speeds up the development, with Firebase, well … F*** no! Kill me now :slight_smile: .

  2. User management and ACL - Parse platform is a killer here. Parse’s ACLs and Roles are integrated with each SDK, while Firebase’s security rules have somewhat of a JavaScript syntax, but not quite. Even external tools such as Bolt are recommended.

  3. Queries and Filters - Based on the fact that Parse is using wide featured databases like MongoDB and PostgreSQL, querying and filtering is much better. For example, with Parse, I can apply multiple filters in a single query via the SDKs, Dashboard, API, but with Firebase I’m far more limited :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

  4. SDKs - Working with native objects in every platform that I’m developing is a great advantage in my opinion. While Firebase allows you to deserialize the data to native objects you still have to take care to save back the object in the correct path and manually pick which fields to serialize back. Parse Server takes care of all this for you. All you have to do is just call save.

  5. Push Notification - Firebase being the industry standard for Push Notifications there’s not much Parse can do to compete there as of right now.

  6. Event tracking and Analytics - Event tracking and analytics is working like a magic in Firebase (Google Analytics for Firebase :smile: ). Parse has some analytics support, but definitely far less powerful than Firebase’s.

  7. Open Source - last but not least being open source, the great community and industry support definitely makes the Parse Platform my kind of tool.

What do you think guys? What are your pros and cons?


eliminating the risk of significant FireBase fees - is a big plus.
Especially after reading this article:


Woooooooow! F**k … whaaaaaat?


Hi mignev
I like the parse server very much. we should work together to remove the weak points from parse platform. from my 2 years development experience with parse theses are weak points which didn’t fixed yet:
1- LDS performance is not good for classes that has > 500 rows both at android and iOS
I had to implement LDS using Room in android instead of LDS
2- parse is not realtime we have to make it ourselves using for example FCM inside cloud code
Live query does not auto reconnect after getting disconnected in android sdk . I prefered to use in combination with cloud code.
hope the best for everybody in parse community
Mousa Najafi


Hi @monajafi,

Thank you for the feedback and suggestions. I agree that the SDKs should have better connection handling.

Btw, you can add your suggestions to here: because if we get into the details here we’ll lose the focus of the topic here :slight_smile: