Parse server 2.7.4 & MongoDB 3.x compatibility

Hi guys!

I haven’t found any special in docs about this.
Could anyone tell if 2.7.4 is compatible with MongoDB 3.4 or\and 3.6?
We have MongoDB 3.2 but wish to upgrade to latest possible 3.x. Also for some reason we can’t upgrade Parse to latest version right now.

Thanks in advance

The ReadMe has the supported DB versions check out the badges. We should add the Postgres versions as well

The migration guide should have everything you need


Thank you for fast reply. But I think that’s not what I was answering about.
I wish to stay at Parse 2.7.4, just upgrade my Mongo from 3.2 to 3.4\3.6. I see Readme is tagged by badges, right. But still no information about exact parse\mongo compatible versions.

Is there any compatibility matrix available?

If you take a look here, you will see that the release 2.7.4 was tested against Mongo 3.4.4. So it should work with 3.4 but there is no tests ensuring the3.6. You can still run the 2.7.4 tests against Mongo 3.6 before migrating though.

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