ParseUI Question


Does ParseUI need to use a PFQueryTableViewController or can I use a TableView in a ViewController. I did not see a PFQueryTableView only the Controller.

Thanks for any help.

Have you taken a look in this link here?

It might be helpful to understand how to use the PFQueryTableViewController.

Yes, I have read that doc, but again, it talks about PFQueryTableViewController I was looking for info on using something ike a PFQueryTableView inside a ViewController. I need other UI surrounding my tableview.

Lol, does that make sense?

I am afraid it must be inside an PFQueryTableViewController because it needs to comply with the protocols methods such as objectsDidLoad and objectsWillLoad.
But you can actually use it in any ViewController and have your protocols to UITableView met. Please take a look at this:

And if you override it with initWithCoder, you can even use it in Storyboard! :wink: