Problems with PFUser

My app is running Parse iOS SDK 1.17.1 and has problems related to PFUser, resulting in this error:

[Error]: PFKeychainStore failed to set object for key ‘currentUser’, with error: -25299

When updating to a new build with 1.17.2, the user/session seems to be corrupted somehow. I have found some posts that seems to be related to this, but I wanted to check with you guys before digging deeper if there is a known solution etc? Anyone had the same experience?

Can you please try the solution of this thread here?


After some more research, I think my problem is the same as here:

Please see my question in the thread above. If anyone has more info I’d really appreciate it :slight_smile:

I believe that your users may suffer the same error in production if you release the build that is failing for you. Have you tried this solution here ( ?

Keychain sharing has been enabled all along, so that is probably not the problem.

I have a strong feeling that I have duplicate ‘currentUser’ items in the keychain, which causes weird behaviour. Updating to 1.17.2 seems to resolve this, but before releasing the update I’d like to get an understanding of how likely my users are to have run into this bug.