Query based on geo localisation


I’m trying to query entry based on the geo localisation (Distance from a certain position)

Is there any ways?


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The specific code obviously depends on which client SDK you are using but the simple answer is yes!

You first need a GeoPoint as one of the fields in a class. Then when you query the class you can add a nearGeoPoint constraint to a certain point. This will return an array of objects with location fields with a value that is near the point you specified.

For example from the iOS SDK docs:

// Location
let queryGeoPoint = PFGeoPoint(latitude:40.0, longitude:-30.0)
// Create a query for places
var query = PFQuery(className:"PlaceObject")
// Interested in objects with location near queryGeoPoint
query.whereKey("location", nearGeoPoint:userGeoPoint)

// Final list of objects
placesObjects = query.findObjects()

Then you can also limit the results by distance from the point you specify. See the docs for more details.


Just to note, in the future, please post appropriate code level questions such as this on Stack Overflow using the tag parse-platform.


Thanks for you response! sorry for the tags :frowning:

I’m using the JavaScript SDK (NodeJS)

This is an amazing community!!!

Have a nice day!

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Not a problem. The docs on geo queries for the JS SDK are very similar.

I agree we have a great community here - if you are ever willing/able to pay it forward we love to see new contributors!

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