Question with live Query implementations


Hello im trying to implement the live query following this

i am receiving this error

Error: Program type already present: com.parse.AuthenticationCallback
How can i solve this?
Can you please provide me with an updated way to use live query without using androidX?


Are you using your own self hosted Parse Server or are you trying to implement it on a Parse Server hosted at Back4App? Could you share your current code?


Hello davi . I see and manage my parse database in back4app and in adminca … i can share my code i against the companys policy.@davimacedo


It is really hard to help here only knowing the error. It can be many different things. Could you please open a ticket at Back4App web-site? It will be easier for the supporting team to help you there.


thanks for responce @davimacedo do you have an updated documentation on your end for parse live query and how to implement it?


The link you sent should work for an Android app. You can also take a look in the guideline of the Parse Android Live Query offical repo:


Nothing i did with the link worked.


Have you tried the last link I sent you? Why don’t you write a simple separate code that you can share? I think it will be easier to help you on that.

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@davimacedo thank you for responce at the moment im working on a query im stuck on ill be posting the question in this forum and later check on this i tell you i am using:

implementation ‘com.github.parse-community:ParseLiveQuery-Android:1.1.0’


Hello i was ready the github project and i added the dependency but it doesnt work :frowning:


It doesn’t seem to be anything related to the LiveQuery but to your dependencies. I see some duplicated dependencies, two versions of android sdk and I can’t see the android live query. Here is an example of dependencies that should work with AndroidX and Live Query.

dependencies {
    implementation fileTree(dir: 'libs', include: ['*.jar'])
    implementation ''
    implementation ''
    implementation ''
    testImplementation 'junit:junit:4.12'
    androidTestImplementation ''
    androidTestImplementation ''

    implementation "com.github.parse-community.Parse-SDK-Android:parse:1.20.0"
    implementation 'com.github.parse-community:ParseLiveQuery-Android:1.1.0'

Can you please take a look and review yours?

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hello @davimacedo is there any way to use it without android x??? android x messes my project for example Fragment class doesnt exist for android x.


Yes. You can. Try to change this line here:

implementation "com.github.parse-community.Parse-SDK-Android:parse:1.18.5"
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Hey @franquicidad

There looks to be some confusion on what you are trying to achieve. Parse Android SDK will work regardless of AndroidX and just to be clear, fragments still exist in AndroidX


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Worked perfect thanks a lot… can i post you questions about the query over here?

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Code related questions are more likely to be posted in Stackoverflow but I’m happy to try to help if you have general questions here as well.