Regarding afterLogin


Regarding the afterLogin, For the request.object, which is the user, could I attach some extra info and return back to the frontend?

I tested, seems the added extra info will be discarded when frontend got the response … How should I do? Thanks a lot.

Parse.Cloud.afterLogin((request) => {
// code here

Cloud - Documentation

Could you share the code that you used to add extra info?

Hi @davimacedo,

The code is as below. While I write my own Login method, which use the phone and password to login, will this be a problem? By my own method, the afterLogin could be triggered as well when login is successful. I just would like to attach the ACL info directly to the user when returned back to frontend.

  async (afterLoginRequest) => {
    console.log('afterLoginRequest', afterLoginRequest);
    const user = afterLoginRequest.object;
    const role = await new Parse.Query(Parse.Role)
      .equalTo('name', user.get('roleName'))
      .first({ useMasterKey: true });
    console.log('user role', role.toJSON());
    user.set('roleACL', role.toJSON());
    // result.roleACL = role.toJSON();
    console.log('afterLogin user.toJSON', user.toJSON());

I’ve just checked the code. You will have to call, otherwise your change will not even be saved on database. The data will not come back to the client in the response though.