SaveInBackground not going inside the call back

As my app is getting bigger, more features stops working.
so i have 2 clasess, “rooms” and “messages”
when you send a “message” to a room, i was updated “rooms.unread = [users]” which stopped working then i did it in cloud code
now when i send message

message().saveInbackground, save, saveEventually nothing seems to work.

I didn’t quite understand what you said, but are you doing it inside an afterSave / beforeSave? If so, are you waiting for this code to execute before continuing with the function execution?

I didnt understand what you asking but I think you should use await.

For example:
Instead of doing this;

do this
var m2 = await;

Sorry for the late reply, this is ios swift app

    let m = Message() . <= Parse Object
    m.byUser = self.currentUser
    m.userId = self.currentUser.objectId!
    m.content = content
    m.type = "text"
    m.chatRoom = thisRoom
    m.usersName = self.currentUser.firstName
    m.chatRoomId = thisRoom.objectId! = thisRoom.forHorse
    m.horseId = thisRoom.forHorse.objectId!
    m.saveInBackground { (saved, e) in {
        //NOT COMING HERE//

So this is the code to save the sent message to parse, which works perfectly fine for 90% of the users who has “less chatrooms/messages”

i have 2 PFObjects here ChatRoom And Message
ChatRoom is the list of rooms a user has and Message is messages sent to the selected chatroom

When the app starts, i download all the Message and Chatrooms and save in in local storage. and download new messages using live query… So if you select a “ChatRoom” it will open all “Message” pfobjects from local storage … which works fine

so lets say userA has 10 chatrooms & 100 Messages, this works fine and callback works fine
but userB has 100+ chatrooms and alot of messages… so sending message doesn;t work for this user

Edit: i’m not sure whats happening if user has alot of data, i have even in background/main/ different threads

The callback should be called at least with an error no matter how many messages they have. Do you see any error message in your iOS app? Do you have any trigger in place for this class Message?

no errors, no return nothing… never comes inside the call back… sometimes it does but after like 1-5 mins

Do you have any trigger to this class?

Do you have any trigger to this class? no