Schema Management?

Not sure where to put this, or if it belongs on Stack Overflow correct me.

I come from a primarily SQL/Rails background, and very new to Parse. My question is how to people manage Schema or when specific schema is wanted in certain areas? I want to keep everything in code and not leave creation “up to later on” or manual work.

I attempted doing Schema save/updates in Cloud Code but that did not work.

Is there anywhere people do things like setup/guarantee an initial schema on startup or anything like that? Are there any good examples of “complete” apps in Parse.

For this particular case I do have data I am importing over though would like to be able to see schema creation initially.

Please let me know I am looking at this completely wrong and I am doing it all wrong and I am just … wrong :wink:


There is not an “official” way to do that yet and there is an issue in the Parse Server repo about it:

In this same issue, there is also a suggestion from @acinader about how you can do that directly in the MongoDB in the meantime.