Symmetric Encryption for Sensitive Data


I think that would be super useful for most of the Parse developers have an easy way to encrypt specific fields in the classes.

Here is a simple example implemented in Ruby and Mongo:

  1. It will be very useful to create a field in a class from the Dashboard with Type: Sensitive or Encrypted and the value will be stored in MongoDB encrypted.

  2. I’ll have bigger protection of my data if there is a leak or if I want to restrict the access from the dashboard to these fields or even if don’t want my MongoDB provider to have access to it.

  3. This functionality will encourage developers building HIPPA, GDPR or PCI compliant apps to use Parse as their backend platform.

Cheers :beer:


This would be a great! I’m storing healthcare data and currently appease policies by having ‘encryption at rest’. However I would very much like to add another layer to that and encrypt fields.