Unable to download or view images [i/o error]


I’m making an Android app, using User class predefined in Parse. I can successfully upload images to parse server, as well as download them, but only on the device which uploaded them in the first place! I tried logging in with different users from the same device, and each user can download every single image that was uploaded from all of those users on the same device. However if I log in with the same usernames from different android phone, I can’t download previously uploaded images. Error I ger is i/o error for every single image. Parse dashboard is also unable to show uploaded images when I click on download.

Image link on dashboard:

I can view the image inside chrome when I modify this link as:

I’m using bitnami vmware image, parse server version 3.9.0-0 and parse dashboard 1.4.3. Why is this happening ? What could i try to solve this issue ?


Can you please share the options that you are using to initialize Parse Server? It is probably something related to the publicServerURL option.