Using parse platform as a CRM/ERP


I was searching in the forum and google for people who made large scale project with parse server such as CRM or ERP and I could not find one…

I am talking about projects with complex bussiness logic, a lot of entities, high traffic of queries and 5+ developers.
So the one problem that I see is that the backend UI needs to be developped from scratch.

Can anyone share his experiance with the platform with a large scale project?



Concerning your point about the backend UI: there is the Parse Dashboard which works for simple manual housekeeping – finding, updating and deleting objects. In case you have not used it, check it out to see if this is sufficient for your needs.


The dashboard is great, but if it’s not enough, coding a back-end isn’t rocket science using libs like React and material-ui. Parse makes it so straightforward.


Just to add - if people are making enhancements to their backend UI the community would always appreciate these being merged into the open source Parse Dashboard - given that they are not specific to one business.


React + Material UI here. Too. I did find the integration with react a little tricky, given this project used to be FB led, and the dashboard is written in React. You can search on this forum for help with getting parse to play nice with immutable objects.