Using parse server 3.0 with sdk 1.x



I have a parse-server instance version 2.x that has been up for a long time. I have scripts and applications that depend on this server instance, some of which I have written using the SDK version 1.x.

I am interested in upgrading the parse server to version 3.x. Do I have to migrate all of the scripts/applications to use the SDK 2.x before migrating the server to 3.x? Or does the SDK 1.x works fine targetting a server with a version of 3.x?



I hope is everything fine with you!

A lot of changes and reliability improvements were made since then.

There is a breaking change on versions after 2.2.14. New versions use revocable token. Before upgrade your parse server, please read this link: Revocable token

You’re can find the changelog on the Parse Server repository.

With the release of 3.x version, it has cleaned up Cloud Code syntax: it is far more amenable to leveraging the es6 async and await constructs.

To understand more about asynchronous function, you can read more here:


Thanks for the info @nataliaconde! I am well and I hope your are doing well too :slight_smile:

The exact version of our parse server (parse-server) is 2.7.1, which I believe has revocable sessions enabled by support. Our mobile app uses parse SDK 1.9.2. My question is, can I upgrade my parse server to 3.x without upgrading the sdk in my mobile app? Or do I have to migrate the mobile app to use parse SDK 2.x before migrating my parse server to 3.x?

Yes, I do want to migrate parse server to 3.x to be able to use async support… but I must be careful since I want to avoid breaking backwards compatibility with my app. This is the reason I am asking first.



I’m well too, thank you! :slight_smile:

As far as I know, there is no big problem to use an old SDK version with a new Parse Server Version, but I recommend you to test it before putting in production.

There are no breaking changes related to the database when Parse Server was upgraded from 2.X to 3.X, I think it’s safe to test your app on 3.X.

For security reasons, I always recommend to our customers to have a development app. You can easily configure this dev app to use the same database of a production app. Or you can also clone your production app to the dev app.


Thanks @nataliaconde! I appreciate it.

Sounds good then. I will do the upgrade of parse-server and then I will do the testing of my app against the upgraded parse-server instance. We do have dev/production environments so we can do the testing before going to production.

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