Using Parse to build a website, not an app

Hello there,

First of all… I am quite new in all the server/backend concept! :sweat_smile:

Parse seems to be mostly made for mobile app but I am looking for strictly web usage for now.

I have been searching a lot, but I found little documentions on React Next and none for Nuxt or Sapper.

Maybe am I looking at the wrong solution… Which is a bummer since Parse seems quite powerful… :confused:

Thanks a lot for for the answers

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Hi ktryndchrs,

I don’t think Parse is strictly made for mobile app. I’m using it mostly for web apps to be honest.

It’s hard to say from your message what are you trying to do and especially why do you need a backend. Maybe you could explain a little bit more what do you need to do.

I have no experience with Nuxt, but I’ve worked a little with Next.js and I think their Getting Started page is pretty good to have a glimpse of what you can do with the framework.

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Hi CodeKonami,

I am working on a concept for a platform that I and I am looking for the ideal tools to help me on this task. Up to now, my main abilities are into UI/UX and some advance CSS/HTML + Pure JS; I never really putted my hands into React, Vue and other similar frameworks. The same to multiple things like Parse, Graphql, etc.

Before going further, i think it is important to tell that i absolutely want my tech choices to match the core idea of the project:

  • Open source, no vendor locked-in and less dependencies on GAFAMS as possible.
    (Ex. My server of choice is Linode)
  • Low tech as I would prefer this project to take less resources possible (The real reason behind Svelte). With a minimalist approach to design as well

The reason of Parse in all this it to help release a MVP a little faster. However the js documentation is mostly around React Native.

The thing is that from what I tested and played with so far, I am not necessarily into React that much as I prefer other alternatives such as Svelte.

I know enough about programming to tell that I can go with Svelte; But I don’t know enough about programming to be 100% certain of my tech choices. I am (have to) learn so many things at the moment (the last 3 weeks have been a total roller coaster) and I don’t want my little experience to jeopartise this journey.


I think Parse could be a good choice for you in order to avoid doing too much backend stuff right from the start. And you could start with Svelte and change further down the road if needed.

When you say the Parse documentation is mainly focused on React Native are you talking about this doc : ?

Because from my point of view, it seems really JavaScript (front or Node.js) oriented.

I wish you good luck on your journey! :slight_smile:

Hi @ktryndchrs.
You can use Prase in your web apps or websites too without any problem. You just need to initial it and use it in your app.
Take a look at this example.