Vote for the adoption of the meritocratic governance model



Members of the Core Team have recently been discussing adopting a governance model. I have been developing the framework for the governance of the Parse Community as shown by this pull request on the newly formed Governance repository.

Please take a look at the pull request for details on the governance model, the process of voting and the proposed PMC members.

What’s next?

After this vote has concluded if the proposal goes ahead members of the PMC will be nominated and we will conduct a vote for the PMC Chair.


All members of the community are welcome to vote. This proposal is seeking a unanimous consensus and the vote will be open for 120 hours.

If you do not feel able to participate in the vote you can abstain. However, it can be more helpful to cast a +0 or -0 vote, since this allows the team to gauge the general feeling of the community.

If you oppose the action (-1 vote) please reply to this topic with a justification and a proposal of alternative action.

If you have any questions/concerns please reply to this post and I will do my best to answer.

Please be aware that votes are public.

  • +1 ‘yes’, ‘agree’: also willing to help bring about the proposed action
  • +0 ‘yes’, ‘agree’: not willing or able to help bring about the proposed action
  • -0 ‘no’, ‘disagree’: but will not oppose the action’s going forward
  • -1 ‘no’, ‘disagree’: opposes the action’s going forward and must propose an alternative action to address the issue (or a justification for not addressing the issue)

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