Who's using Parse in production?


I’d love to get a list going of all the devs / companies / apps using Parse Server and its client SDKs in production.

If you can it would also be great to know details like number of monthly requests / users etc. I think this would be positive for devs looking at Parse as an option for their project.

Website / App Store links would be great too.


I use it in production for several projects.

The biggest one currently has around 11k users and during peak times we get about 300 requests / second.


I try to use it for all my client’s project. I call it “cheating”.
The biggest project has 10k users and peaked at 1500 requests / second (when promoted on tv).
This peak went flawlessly, thx to Google App Engine’s flex environment.


Would you mind sharing what setup was used in order to handle this load?


One of the apps we are hosting has 140M requests per day with 40k/s peaks. Parse can scale a lot.


. Google App Engine Flex env (2 to 10 instances)
. MongoDB Atlas M10
. React front


Thanks, are you running your Google instances around the world? I’m using now.sh which has been amazing, but they are doing some migration to lambdas only which is a little worrying so considering options.

I’m on Atlas too, been considering adding read only nodes around the world whilst keeping the main DB in EU (this can be done without Sharding) have you any experience of this?


You can check the #BuiltWithParse hashtag on Twitter for some cool Parse Apps. :slight_smile:


since you are a vendor, I cannot see you telling otherwise. Can you provide more factual data?


Sure, https://status.sashido.io/ there are real time metrics. Feel free to take a look :slight_smile:


I use Parse hosted on Heroku for two production applications and it is my go to framework working with IOS devices.

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Hi we use it over at onetapcheckin.com