Xcode project with Parse Server

I updated the Parse server and reconnected the project. I also deleted the Pods file and the Podfile.lock.
Still there occurs the same error.
That’s the exact error:

error: /Users/Sven/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/(myProjectName)-awbyhytlzvehilfmscnusoxataaw/Build/Products/Debug-iphonesimulator/(myProjectName)Tests.xctest: No such file or directory

It does not seem to be a Parse issue. Does this folder really exist?

Not sure if you are running parse server in an xcode test or if you are trying to install the cocoapod itself. However there generally are two things you can try that fix these errors 75% of the time.

  1. Clean your build folder (Product -> Clean Build Folder)
  2. Delete your DerivedData Folder(/Users/Sven/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/)

Your project should then rebuild from scratch and clear things up. If you still have issues then you may want to check what you have selected to build into the test project and what you have selected to build into the app itself.

Thanks @davimacedo and @noobs2ninjas for helping. I’m going to close this as it is not related to the Parse Platform.

Thanks for the tipp. Unfortunately this doesn’t solve my issue.
It still says this particular folder doesn’t exist.
Thanks for helping.

@xcode123 I would suggest doing some DuckDuckGoing and if you still can’t find a solution open a question on Stack Overflow with as much relevant detail as possible.

If you do ever encounter bugs with the Parse iOS SDK please open an issue on the GitHub repo and we will do our best to help.

Sorry for asking, but what do you mean with DuckDuckGoing.
Thanks for your help.

Sorry, It’s a play on word of Googling -> I use DuckDuckGo so I call it DuckduckGoing. But what I mean is browse the internet for a solution - e.g. StackOverflow etc