A.I. Generated Content

A.I. Generated Content

For content generated by artificial intelligence, please consider the following before posting in the forum:

  • Add citation: Any 3rd party content (A.I. or human generated) requires proper source citation. Add a clearly visible citation note within the same post that also contains the 3rd party content.
  • Link source: If the link to the original text is publicly available online, then add that link to the source citation. If the generative A.I. offers to share a link to the conversation history that produced the content, then add that link to the source citation. This helps others to understand the context in which the content was generated.

  • Review content: Review any 3rd party content carefully before posting it. Especially generative A.I. is known for providing inaccurate information and “hallucinating” thereby presenting incorrect statements about facts or producing incorrect programming code.


Q: What do you consider A.I. generated content?
A: Any content that has has been entirely or partly generated by an artificial intelligence which added new original content, context or meaning.

Q: Do I have to cite an A.I. that only improved my spelling or grammar?
A: No, if you are using an A.I. only for improving the surface structure of original text created by you, without adding new original content, context or meaning.

Q: What if I forget or refuse to add a citation to A.I. generated content?
A: If there are sufficient indicators that a post contains content that is A.I. generated and lacking a citation, the whole post may be removed without prior warning.