Accesing Input of Upload type in Cloud code

I have a problem with type Upload! while accesing input parameter in Cloud Code. When correctly send request from apollo client mutation I get property input in Cloud code empty.

params: { input: {}, mch_id: 957 },

My graphql schema of the mutation looks like:

 uploadMerchdetImage(input: Upload!, mch_id: Int): UploadImageReponseType
Many thanks for any possible solution.

I am not sure if it is currently possible to handle the Upload! type on CloudCode. Would you mind to describe what you want to achieve?

I like to read input, which is File type in the cloud Code. After upgrading to version 4.3.0 this functionality stopped working. On client I use Apollo-upload-client.

Parse.Cloud.define('uploadMerchdetImage', async req => {
  const { input, mch_id } = req.params;

  const file = input[0];

  const readStream = file.file.createReadStream();

  let imageData = [];

  readStream.on('data', async chunk => {

  const imageName = + '.' + file.file.filename.split('.')[1];
  const imageUrl = 'merchdet/' + imageName;

  readStream.on('end', async data => {
    await fs.writeFile(
      __dirname + '/../../files/' + imageUrl,
      err => {
        console.log(err, 'saved');

Did it work on previous versions? If that’s the case, would you mind to open an issue on parse server repo? A possible working around is first upload the file using createFile mutation and then only send the file reference to the cloud code.

Issue: Graph File Value Parsing Error · Issue #7684 · parse-community/parse-server · GitHub

Possible solution: Fix: Type in Cloud Code by brocklj · Pull Request #7683 · parse-community/parse-server · GitHub