ACL disable Public Read by default

Hi, when a user is created in the _User table, I see that automatically the ACL has both a “Public Read” enabled, together with the specific ObjectId with “read, write” permissions.

I’d like to keep by default on the server the only objectId in the ACL with read and write, disabling the “Public Read”

How can I set this as default, is there a way in the new ParseServer creation?

Thank you

From Parse Server 5.3 (I think) you can set enforcePrivateUsers to false

Thanks, I see from the documentation that this is for

Set to true if new users should be created without public read and write access.

I’d need not in the CLP but in the ACL to set by default a new record without “Public Read”, that I see is set as a default in the ACL field for every user

My mistake, if you set enforcePrivateUsers to true users will be created without public read ACL

thank you! It worked