Add web3 login to existing parse app?

I have an existing Parse app that’s using anonymous login (didn’t have a need for users initially). Now I want to add a web3 login flow as described below:

  1. When a user wants to authenticate, send them a random message
  2. User signs the message with their private key using a wallet like Metamask
  3. In Parse, verify the signature is valid
  4. If valid, store the user’s public key (wallet address) and create a Parse session (and user if necessary)

Is it possible to create a custom login function for Parse server? If so, any docs or code examples?

Since I want to store the user’s wallet address, can I subclass the Parse.User or should I create a custom class? If custom class, how can I hook it into the existing Session and Role infrastructure?


I’m not aware of any adapter for that but it can be done via custom auth adapter: parse-server/AuthAdapter.js at alpha · parse-community/parse-server · GitHub

Thanks for the pointer!